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Results Analysis

Powerful visualizations

 SLOPE’s embedded analytics engine automatically populates report dashboards with key data from your model runs. Assess results, trace through values, adjust your model – all in the same platform.

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Embedded Solution

Visual analytics, zero effort

No ​post-processing or data migration is required after execution. Start analyzing your results in SLOPE’s embedded analysis module as soon as your model run has completed.

Pre-Built Report Suite

Functionality, out of the box

Take advantage of standard reports that address common business needs. Easily build your own reports to uncover unique insights in your data.

Drill-Down Capability

Discover the drivers of your results

Dig into your data at a granular level after a run with the ability to trace calculations through individual model points and timesteps.

Benefits of visualizations

Shareable Links

Need to share something about your data? No problem. Easily collaborate with other members of your organization with the click of a button.

Easy Exporting

Content: Prefer to look at the data in another tool? All result data generated in SLOPE can be easily exported into various formats.

Company Dashboards

Want a specific report to be available across your team? Easy – share it to the dashboard and everyone can take advantage of your setup.

Ready to see more?

Join us for a free demo and experience the full range of SLOPE’s capabilities.