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The financial data management ecosystem

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For Every Assumption
Reporting Data

Powerful, flexible, transparent. Easy to learn, effortless to scale.

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Assumption Management

Consolidate, manage, and track input data

Leverage data from any upstream source by utilizing SLOPE’s powerful assumption management tool Рno file conversion system required. Automatically generate a record of all inputs used for a run, easily view version history, and group commonly used assumptions into sets.

Model Development

Build and understand models effortlessly

Develop robust models with the user-friendly visual formula builder, which accommodates complex calculations. Control the entire development process with complete end-user flexibility and without black boxes or closed calculations.


Compare and merge changes quickly

Examine differences between models, tables, and projections with the click of a button. Clear, visual logs of all additions, removals, and changes between instances dynamically populate for you to review and merge as needed.

Model Execution

Instantly scale architecture to meet your needs

Get results the minute they are needed. Built on top of Amazon Web Services, SLOPE takes full advantage of the cloud and enables users to run multiple projections simultaneously without compromising computer performance.

Results Analysis

Jump straight into analysis of your results

Immediately explore run output in the embedded business intelligence tool in pre-built or user-developed views, without the need for third-party tools or exporting of data.

Model Governance

Ensure model integrity and secure your work

Manage access at the user and product levels. Compare models with a side-by-side view. Merge or discard changes with the click of a button. Control your processes and rest easy knowing your models are protected.

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