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SLOPE is Cloud-native Comprehensive Powerful Time-saving Intuitive Accessible

SLOPE is the first and only cloud-native financial projection ecosystem. Companies who switch to SLOPE are empowered to spend more time finding key insights.

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How it all started

Driven by the frustration of existing modeling tools, Slope’s founders realized there had to be a better way. Years of experience and expertise later, they founded Slope Software to solve the headaches and pain points felt by the actuarial community.

What drives us

Our mission is to uncomplicate risk, empowering financial services organizations to make better decisions.

Who we are

Get to know the people who are working hard to make SLOPE the perfect solution for your business.

SLOPE Solutions

Explore how SLOPE is applied across different contexts and industries to empower teams

How SLOPE works

Dive into the different modules of SLOPE to see each step of the end-to-end solution

Thought Leadership

Gain firsthand insights from our experts on industry movement and product development