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Valuation in SLOPE

Guide your business confidently

SLOPE gives you the ability to not only meet standard requirements – you can get better insights from your data with powerful visualizations to help guide internal decisions.

Accounting Basis

Wide Standards Support

Calculate reserves quickly and accurately under a wide variety of accounting bases. SLOPE offers support for US Stat, Tax, & GAAP, IFRS, Solvency II, and other major frameworks.


Effortlessly Auditable

Access all assumptions used to build a run (complete with automatic versioning), trace through intermittent calculations at the model point level with powerful debugging capabilities, and work with the confidence that results can always be fully replicated and proven out.

Learn more about assumption management >

Embedded Reporting

Robust Visual Analysis

Create custom dashboards or take advantage of SLOPE’s prebuilt suite of reports that automatically populates model run output into visualizations that reveal key insights.

Learn more about reporting >