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Valuation in SLOPE

Guide your business confidently

SLOPE gives you the ability to not only meet standard requirements – you can get better insights from your data with powerful visualizations to help guide internal decisions.

Standards Support

Support for a wide variety of standards – right out of the box.

Complete Control

Users can build models to their exact specifications and lock down access once they hit production.

Unparalleled Visibility

Extract key data and portfolio dynamics that translate to management action.

Embedded Reporting

Robust Visual Analysis

Create custom dashboards or take advantage of SLOPE’s prebuilt suite of reports that automatically populates model run output into visualizations that reveal key insights.

Photo of Building in SLOPE

Building in SLOPE

Watch a short series of videos that walks through the basics of the platform.

Photo of Effective Model Optimization

Effective Model Optimization

Take a hierarchical approach to assessing your models for optimization from the ground up.

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