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Secure by design

We foster trust through responsible actions in the context of security, privacy, compliance, and transparency. Protecting your data is built into the blueprint of SLOPE.

Trusted by actuaries across the globe

Security center

Trust is paramount

Customers across the globe trust SLOPE with their sensitive information. We work to ensure that our platform is meeting the highest standards available in our increasingly complex, data-driven world.

Cloud native

Modern Security

SLOPE was built for the cloud and leverages powerful tools that aren’t available to traditional platforms. The result is a highly secure, reliable, available platform that automatically protects you from the latest threats, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to your business.

Security Leadership

More than Compliance

Security isn’t just a set of boxes to check at Slope. We actively provide leadership in the space and are always looking for ways to improve. See what our Co-Founder and CTO, Taylor Perkins, had to say at Vanta’s2022 Vantacon or read our case study with them.

Customer Stories

Find out who uses SLOPE and why. Dive into success stories from leading organizations, showcasing SLOPE has accelerated their business.

Financial Backing

Learn more about the investors who have supported the company’s efforts to build Slope Software to where it is today.

Legal Agreements

Explore the documentation for service offerings from Slope Software and find general terms and conditions for our customers.

Our Relationships

Step into the future of actuarial modeling

Find out how SLOPE can transform your business with a personalized demonstration.