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Pricing in SLOPE

Unparalleled flexibility

Accommodate your every need while developing and refining models with SLOPE.

Transparent Calculations

See Everything

Know your models inside and out. No black boxes here – every variable and formula in a model are available to read, understand, and adjust as needed. Aggregate subsets at different calculational levels to understand the drivers of profit and risk.

Flexible Platform

Your Models, Your Way

Build models exactly the way you intend them. SLOPE’s intuitive interface allows you to build out the most complex calculations with ease and without compromise. Price products by multiple dimensions simultaneously and produce a consolidated projection incorporating weighted sales.

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Fast Development

Reduce Cycle Time

SLOPE removes barriers and bottlenecks in the development process, allowing you to iterate faster and regain the time previously lost to legacy platform inefficiencies. Clients who use SLOPE find themselves earning back weeks of development time every year.

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