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Less time spent processing, more time for analysis

Streamline and simplify your process. Assumption management, model development, governance, execution, reporting, and data storage, all in one place.
Act on insights the instant they’re available. Whether used for actuarial deep-dives or executive summaries, SLOPE’s built-in business intelligence tool allows your company to immediately view, evaluate, and distribute results.
Learn and master in a fraction of the time with an intuitive interface, no native language or formats, and a prebuilt library of assets and liabilities at your disposal.

See what SLOPE can do for you

The powerful, all-inclusive platform

Powerful, Actuarial Ecosystem


Iterate faster. Eliminate manual steps in your process from assumptions to analysis and decrease product cycle time.

Unparalleled Control

Build models to meet your exact business needs and maintain their integrity with a flexible, secure platform.

Embedded Reporting

Instantly create strategic views of data for powerful storytelling. Go straight from runs to results without extra steps or tools.

Infinitely Scalable

Get results exactly when you need them with 100,000s of cores at your disposal and unlimited data storage to retain results.

Key Partnerships

Customer stories

Organizations around the world are using SLOPE to move their modeling to the cloud. See how industry leaders are driving efficiency and gaining deeper insights into their businesses through SLOPE.

Photo of Dwayne McGraw

We can set the market, rather than trying to follow it.

Dwayne McGraw | Chief Actuary at Funeral Directors Life
Photo of Mike Koppen

My team can perform their actuarial functions without standing on our heads to find a way around system limitations.

Mike Koppen | Chief Actuary at OneMain Financial

Join us for a live demo

Share your modeling needs and use case with us. A SLOPE expert will walk through a live demonstration of the platform and explain how some key features will positively impact your business, answering any questions you may have about the product.

Meet with a SLOPE expert

Help us understand your needs in a 15-minute consultation with a SLOPE expert who will provide a hands-on exploration of the platform.

Experience SLOPE for yourself

Try the platform yourself for 30 days with personalized on-boarding and training from the Slope Software team. Experience first-hand the transparency, flexibility, and security of the system and the increased efficiency it brings to your team.

Seeing is believing.
Ready to find out more about how SLOPE can help actuaries be more efficient? Dive in and learn which application is best suited for your business through a personalized demonstration.

Fill out the form and we’ll set up a time to meet.