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Model Development

Build with confidence for your business

 Flexible, transparent calculations are a must. With SLOPE, you have complete control over the development process; adjust pre-built products from the library to your needs or build your own from scratch. No black boxes or closed systems that you can’t see – everything is within your grasp. consolidate, and manage the many inputs that drive your models.

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Visual Code Interface

Models, made simple

Build formulas with SLOPE’s highly flexible model development interface. Quickly build and adjust user-defined variables or communicate the inner workings of a model without the need for code.

Relationship View

Understand complex products at a glance

Navigate through your models and see the flow of data as it moves from your assumptions to your outputs, allowing you to quickly determine the drivers of results.

Real-Time Validation

Work with confidence

Receive constant feedback as you build your models. Prevent mistakes and costly projection run errors by catching problems before they occur.

Optimize your model with this checklist

Easy Table Management

Define custom input tables in whatever format you want. The indexes and columns defined here will be immediately available for reference in the formula builder.

Flexible File Formats

Receive data in various formats? No problem. Configure the columns once and import a variety of file types such as excel and delimited text files directly into the application.

Simplified Scenario Setup

Easily create and manage fixed income yield curves, variable rates, and indexes. Set up multiple currencies with ease. These structures are all customizable and automatically handled by the platform.

Ready to see more?

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