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High performance mode

Explore every possibility, with time to spare

Get answers when you need them and never miss a deadline with SLOPE High Performance Mode.

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10x Shorter runtimes

Reduce run times by up to 90% for static pricing and valuation runs. Overnight runs are now finished in minutes with SLOPE High Performance Mode.

More thorough analysis

Shorten your actuarial cycle time, improve speed to market, run exercises and “what ifs” more frequently, and breeze through regulatory requirements.

Automated allocation

No more guesswork or manually allocating resources – SLOPE High Performance Mode dynamically spins up workers to get results back at breakneck speeds.

be proactive

Make the best decision now

With results coming back in minutes instead of hours or days, you’ll have the time to explore every possibility, thoroughly analyze output, create more powerful visualizations, and drive the best results for your business.

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You notice the time savings immediately.

Dwayne McGraw (HPM) | EVP & Chief Actuary at Funeral Directors Life


How SLOPE HPM is different

Learn what sets our solution apart from the rest and why we’re the only platform in the industry that can take advantage of this technology. Interested in giving it a test drive? Get in touch with us.

Haven’t you done enough waiting around?

Find out how much time you can save with SLOPE High Performance Mode