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SLOPE for C Suites

You have a powerful vision. Bring it to life with SLOPE.

Join the leaders using SLOPE to develop high-performing actuarial teams, manage risk, and build success.

Challenges in actuarial modeling

Legacy Platforms Fall Short

Delayed decisions

A lack of shared environment and disjointed tools limit the ability to do real-time analytics that drive better financial decisions.

Outdated architecture

Legacy platforms can’t leverage modern technologies to accelerate model development and analysis.

Inflexible platforms

Black boxes and convoluted design hinder development, leading to guesswork and external workarounds prone to user error.

Poor model management

Limited model transparency and reproducibility creates additional work to meet regulatory requirements and complete audits.

Speed to Insight

Get Answers Quickly

Spend less time with manual processes and more time analyzing results. With SLOPE, actuaries can uncover critical insights faster, enabling more agile decision making and driving business success.

  • Complete runs at 10x speeds
  • Share real-time reporting
  • Collaborate in a central workspace

Unlock your team’s most
valuable asset – time.

SLOPE enables actuaries to save hours of tedious work, providing you with the insights you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Efficiency Gains

Increase Confidence

Streamline your actuarial workflow and mitigate human error. The SLOPE platform simplifies and automates repetitive tasks, allowing actuaries to allocate more time to high-value activities and ensure greater accuracy throughout.

  • Build windows into your team’s work with custom management reporting
  • Automate processes with SLOPE API
  • Expedite output review with robust audit trails

FDLIC Cuts Pricing Cycle Time by 95%


Grow and Adapt

SLOPE is never in the way of your business. The platform provides your actuaries with a robust and flexible set of tools to build, maintain, and adjust models.

  • Utilize out-of-the-box product library
  • Develop custom products without the need for code
  • Control access to sensitive company models 

Cloud Native

Modernize, Save Costs

Eliminate costly on-premise infrastructure or cloud hosting expenses and reduce reliance on IT teams. Enjoy the scalability and flexibility only possible with a cloud native platform.

Step into the future of actuarial modeling

Find out how SLOPE can transform your business with a personalized demonstration.