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The only actuarial modeling solution you’ll ever need

Model cash flows, synchronize LDTI disclosures, and automate the flow of data between connected external sources. All with a single platform.

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Connect your actuarial workflow

Deliver results straight to the general ledger. SLOPE’s flexible assumption ingestion lets you easily join data from disparate upstream sources into a single platform. Take advantage of SLOPE’s API capabilities to automate valuation efforts of updating assumptions, running projections, and gathering results. Reduce the operational risk of manual data extractions and employ automation to streamline your actuarial workflow.

Transparent Platform

See everything, miss nothing

Understand your models inside and out, drill down to policy level data, and allocate final reserves back to individual policies with ease. The transparency of SLOPE’s platform leaves nothing to guesswork. Identify key drivers of change and meet regulatory standards with SLOPE’s pre-built reporting suite

Beyond LDTI

No modules, no fuss

SLOPE is an all-in-one platform. Address LDTI requirements alongside all of your other actuarial needs – valuation, pricing, asset liability management, experience studies, and more. With out-of-the-box functionality for a library of pre-built products and reports, you can begin unifying your team on a single solution.