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Assumption Managment

Optimize The Drivers Behind Your Data

Assumption management in SLOPE gives you the ability to define, consolidate, and manage the many inputs that drive your models.

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Assumption Management

Data at Your Fingertips

Free yourself from restrictions during assumption management.  Easily import and export your data in various formats, at any time. Make in-app adjustments and automatically track the version history of changes.

Dynamic Table Management

Build to your needs, not the system’s

Define your table structures during model development and load data using multiple approaches including direct file imports and SLOPE’s easy-to-use table editor.

Common challenges of assumption management

Comprehensive Field Level Validation

Rest easy knowing your inputs are valid with real-time validation, giving you instant feedback on potential issues to more easily avoid run-time errors

Powerful Assumption Set Management

Create groupings of assumptions that stack on one another to more easily control values at run time, while providing the flexibility necessary for complex scenarios.

Dynamic Investment Strategies

Manage your asset allocation and dynamically invest/ disinvest asset portfolios utilizing advanced methods such as duration and convexity matching.

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