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SLOPE for Actuaries

You have sound judgment. Exercise it with SLOPE.

Join the actuaries using SLOPE to accelerate their work, deepen their analyses, and deliver better results.

Challenges in actuarial modeling

Legacy Platforms Fall Short

Disjointed Processes

Other platforms are limited in capability, often forcing actuaries to rely on additional tools and workflows to complete their tasks.

Inflexible Platforms

Black boxes and limited control hinder progress, leading to guesswork and external workarounds requiring documentation and governance.

Limited Resources

Old solutions are limited in processing power, creating bottlenecks with long runtimes, slowing down the ability to iterate quickly.

Time Constraints

These underlying issues eat away at valuable time, putting actuaries behind schedule and under additional pressure to complete tasks quickly.

immediate analysis

Uncover answers faster

SLOPE provides powerful, built-in visualizations that enable you to immediately dive into analysis. Spend more time exploring your results and less time producing them.

  • Zero steps between runs and reports
  • Instant insights with pre-built workbooks
  • Easy export in multiple formats

You’re a talented actuary.

You should be spending more time analyzing your results and less time producing them. Get the most from your models with SLOPE.

Intuitive interface

Know your models, inside and out

SLOPE empowers you to build powerful, complex models with a simple, straightforward user interface. Utilize out-of-the-box asset and liability products from the actuarial library and customize models to meet your exact business needs.

DavidShield reduces runtimes by 95%

Flexibile platform

Seamlessly connect data sources

SLOPE can easily incorporate data from multiple sources with its flexible assumption management capabilities. Automate regular workflows and connect systems both upstream and downstream of SLOPE through use of our API.

Time savings

Reclaim your time for what’s important

SLOPE accelerates your model cycle time, enabling faster iterations and speed to value. Clients who switch to SLOPE have seen their cycle time reduced by as much as 95%.

Step into the future of actuarial modeling

Find out how SLOPE can transform your business with a personalized demonstration.