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From the Founders

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Slope Software was pioneered by two brothers-in-law who have exceptional skill and experience in their complementary fields: Andy Smith has spent over 13 years building financial models as an actuarial manager for some of the world’s top financial institutions, and Taylor Perkins is a gifted programmer who has spent a decade building enterprise software and scaling development teams for high-growth startups. They were the perfect team to disrupt the financial modeling software industry, and this is their story.

Andy Smith

Andy was the lead valuation model developer for a large US-based life insurance company, and he started using commercial modeling platforms to develop a new and better model for the company’s core product.

After laboring for years as an actuary with Prophet, MG ALFA, and other dinosaur modeling programs, Andy Smith had enough. He decided to make what every actuary wants–modeling software that is drag-and-drop intuitive, limitlessly scalable, transparent, and flexible with its data input and output.

Everything that we did in those old modeling programs–it seemed like we were constantly trying to find workarounds, it was harder than it should have been. And they’re still not modeling everything they want to be modeling.


Taylor Perkins

Taylor Perkins graduated from GA Tech with a Computer Science degree and specializations in databases and human-computer interaction. He developed his specialization into B2B SaaS enterprise software development. At a prior company, he was tasked with the dauntingly complex responsibility of developing an automated scheduling engine for large healthcare facilities to set and manage schedules for staff and doctors automatically.

Taylor led a team from 3 developers to a full room of 27 before starting to work on Slope. This experience taught him the lessons of how to start a great product, and then how to build it and manage the team around it with rapid growth.

​All these experiences–SaaS, B2B, complex calculation engines, and working with huge databases–developed Taylor’s skill set to be a perfect fit for creating a transformative financial modeling tool.

Andy’s experience showed us all of the pain points, and we designed SLOPE from the ground up to solve those.


While Andy brought the vision and use-case knowledge, Taylor brought the disruptive user-experience and modern software architecture knowledge that sets Slope Software apart. Their two skillsets have allowed them to build a powerful, transparent, modern platform that is simplifying the lives of actuaries the world over.

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