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Long Term Care

Build from first principles

Long Term Care is a deep, complex product with many vectors to track. Have confidence in your model with SLOPE’s LTC product, built from a first principles based approach.

Transparent platform

Leave no stone unturned

With a fully transparent, flexible platform, users can quantify risk at a highly granular level. Explore and modify calculations, drill into and trace through output data, and have complete confidence in your results. Build standalone LTC products or develop combination products with benefits.

First principles

Get the entire picture

SLOPE’s Long Term Care model comes with complete benefit paths, each with their own set of internally consistent assumptions, all in plain view. No black boxes that require guesswork – you’ll know exactly where your numbers come from.


Learn what opportunities are opening up in the LTC space and how to take advantage of them with first-principle based models.

Embedded Reporting

Communicate results effortlessly

Instantly and automatically create visualizations of your data in SLOPE. No additional wraparound products or external tools necessary. Build compelling, easy-to-understand representations of results with our embedded business intelligence tool.

Cloud native

Always up to date

Rest easy that your solution will always match your colleagues’. As a cloud native solution, SLOPE takes care of updates automatically and keeps you running on the latest version while also maintaining the consistency of your data. Take advantage of new and improved features without the headaches of software update rollouts.