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The only actuarial modeling solution you’ll ever need

Model cash flows, synchronize IFRS 17 disclosures, and automate the flow of data between connected external sources. All with a single platform.

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Time savings

Unmatched efficiency for your actuarial processes

SLOPE provides you with a powerful actuarial platform that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure, reducing production time and creating a clear picture of results that your team can have confidence in.


No other system provides the transparency and flexibility of SLOPE’s model building. Drill down into formula and results at the finest levels of granularity and make your models audit-proof.


Get to work with SLOPE’s out-of-the-box product library, fully integrated with IFRS 17 calculations for Risk Adjustment and Contractual Service Margin, alongside the rest of your actuarial models, all in one place.

Rich Reporting

Instantly populate pre-built reports such as roll-forwards and other key looks, conduct ad hoc explorations, extract key information, and pass outputs downstream for reporting purposes.


Manage processes at any scale

Deliver results straight to the general ledger. SLOPE’s flexible assumption ingestion lets you easily join data from disparate upstream sources into a single platform. Take advantage of SLOPE’s API capabilities to automate valuation efforts of updating assumptions, running projections, and gathering results. Reduce the operational risk of manual data extractions and employ automation to streamline your actuarial workflow.


Deliver organizational value

With integrated reporting capabilities, SLOPE provides instantaneous analytics for actuarial analysis. Understand your data at any level of granularity, down to the model point level. Pass along results to key internal and external stakeholders with report sharing, and harmonize actuarial data with other key business units to provide a complete picture of company results with our Snowflake integration.

Comprehensive Solution

Build lasting success

Leverage SLOPE’s efficiency gains and deep analytics to focus on delivering the highest value to your organization, and do it in record time with our scalable infrastructure. Pave the way forward through IFRS 17 and all your other actuarial work with SLOPE.