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SLOPE vs. Integrate

Strong platform, stronger support.
SLOPE provides you with greater flexibility with your actuarial work while also providing industry-leading support for your team.


Why Integrate?

As the successor to MG-ALFA, Integrate was Milliman’s step towards actuarial modeling in the cloud. As an open platform, Integrate offers users the ability to customize their models to fit specific business needs, promoting its consultative approach to provide Milliman’s expertise in developing unique solutions to business problems.

I can’t overstate the outstanding level of support that SLOPE gives to its customers.

Roger Loomis

VP, LifeCare Assurance

How SLOPE compares to Integrate


  • Powerful auditing and drilldown capabilities
  • Intuitive, visual model development process
  • Platform comes with support included
  • SLOPE is a platform that easily supports multiple teams’ efforts


  • Painful single policy audit process
  • Code-driven model building prone to error
  • Support comes in the form of consulting fees
  • Valuation teams often prefer a separate platform

Why Actuaries Choose SLOPE over Integrate

Enterprise Level Features at Entry

While Integrate offers tiered functionality, basic capabilities such as audit trail building and versioning are only available at its highest level. SLOPE clients have access to all of the platform’s functionality at a reasonable price point.

Single Solution

Instead of having to use multiple systems together like Milliman’s Integrate and MG-Triton, SLOPE users are able to get complete functionality for multiple business units with a single solution. No worries about connecting data streams or matching models – everything for everyone is under one roof.

Superior Support

Milliman provides an actuarial platform but is the sole consulting partner for Integrate work. If you have questions about best practices or functionality, you’ll be paying for their expertise.

Support from Slope Software is fast, reliable, and effective. Our team will provide platform guidance without cost. For larger initiatives, Slope works with consulting firms across the spectrum, from independent consultants to the Big Four, ensuring that SLOPE clients who need external support can find a match best suited for their needs.

Accelerate your actuarial team.

SLOPE is the cloud-native actuarial modeling platform revolutionizing the way actuaries build models, manage assumptions, and analyze results. Actuaries drastically reduce the amount of time needed to perform their work while simultaneously reducing costs tied to inefficient processes & bloated infrastructure.