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Save yourself the extra work.
No need to rebuild your model to try and figure out what it’s doing behind closed doors. SLOPE is a transparent platform that provides you with the visibility and control you need to manage your actuarial models.



Developed in Toronto by GGY the early 1990s, AXIS was a platform built for pricing and developing traditional insurance products. Its creation coincided with the Canadian GAAP framework, quickly establishing it as the de facto solution for Canadian insurance carriers. Companies in North America still find value in its wide product set offerings and support for standards like GAAP, and they prefer the locked-down, black box approach that AXIS takes with its models, preventing users from touching (or seeing) the underlying formulas.

I can’t overstate the outstanding level of support that SLOPE gives to its customers.

Roger Loomis

VP, LifeCare Assurance

How SLOPE compares to AXIS


  • No code solution, visual formula construction
  • Utilize pre-built report suite or develop custom views
  • Unlimited computing capabilities
  • Straightforward licensing agreement


  • Proprietary formatting, multiple coding languages
  • Limited reporting capabilities, often requiring third party
  • Finite on-premise capabilities or additional cost with GridLink
  • Opaque pricing structure

Why Actuaries Choose SLOPE over AXIS

Easy Model Validation

SLOPE models are completely transparent; users can see and drill down into formulas. No guesswork or rebuilding calculations in Excel needed to determine what is happening inside your model. Trace through intermittent calculations at the model point level to ensure the integrity of your model.

Faster Development

No need to wait on us to make changes to existing products or develop new ones – users have the ability to build products to their exact specifications in SLOPE thanks to the flexibility of the platform. And if you need additional support, we’re able to get you answers quickly instead of waiting weeks or months for a resolution.

Comprehensive Offering

SLOPE provides an environment for actuaries to manage assumptions, manage and develop asset and liability products, and conduct thorough analysis. As a cloud-native system, SLOPE offers unlimited computational power to quickly complete complex runs that can take significantly longer for an on-premise or cloud hybrid solution.

Accelerate your actuarial team.

SLOPE is the cloud-native actuarial modeling platform revolutionizing the way actuaries build models, manage assumptions, and analyze results. Actuaries drastically reduce the amount of time needed to perform their work while simultaneously reducing costs tied to inefficient processes & bloated infrastructure.