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Press Release

Slope becomes recognized as AWS Select Tier Technology Partner(1 min read)

Slope Software announces today that it has been recognized as an AWS Select Tier Technology Partner. This approval helps identify the company’s cash flow modeling platform (SLOPE) as uniquely positioned to help actuaries do more work in less time by applying cloud technology.

In order to achieve this designation, Slope completed multiple AWS-verified steps. First was ensuring a broad customer base with multiple instances of launching applications in AWS.

Another success metric is demonstrating the value of working with cloud-based solutions. In one highlighted example, Slope enabled a client to reduce end-to-end pricing cycle time from 2 weeks to 4 hours, a 95% reduction.

This kind of speed to value comes from SLOPE’s easy-to-use interface, modern system architecture, and cloud hosting made possible by AWS. The system can take advantage of these modern options because everything has been designed with ease of use and scalability in mind.

Taylor Perkins, Chief Technology Officer of Slope Software, said that approval by Amazon is a validation of the company’s philosophy. “Becoming a Select Tier Technology Partner reinforces our approach to modern cloud-hosted solutions,” he said. “It means that we’re doing the right things for the way our clients need to work now and want to work in the future.”

In addition, moving to the Select Tier unlocks additional partnership opportunities between Slope and AWS for potential client solutions around the world. For more information about the SLOPE platform, visit

About Slope Software

Slope Software, an Atlanta-based software as a service company, provides an actuarial modeling platform that optimizes and streamlines pricing, valuation, and forecasting functions for insurance companies and consulting actuaries. The no-code editor and cloud-based solution enable actuaries to perform modern actuarial functions with minimal wasted effort using the latest technology. For more information contact