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Your Results, Blazing Fast.

Never miss a deadline again because of slow model results. SLOPE’s High Performance Computing drastically reduces model runtime to deliver results when you need them.

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Runtime reduction

Results at 2-10x speed

Pushed up against quarterly reporting deadlines with no margin for error and a valuation run that takes the weekend to complete? Get your results before lunch and never miss a deadline again with SLOPE.

Cloud computing

Do it again, but faster

If you could have the same results but hours earlier, wouldn’t that be better? SLOPE puts 100,000s of machines at your disposal to distribute across and parallelize your model run and drastically reduce the time to results, dynamically growing and shrinking to match your workload. And that’s not all our cloud-native platform can do.

Can we skip to the good part?

Empower your actuaries to make new breakthroughs with SLOPE’s HPC capability. Teams across your business can start developing deeper analysis with the time that they save. Stop waiting to run projections until the end of the week – get your results now.

Valuation Workloads

Monthly and quarterly reporting cycles just got a lot less stressful. Cut down time intensive runs down to a tenth of their previous size.

Regulatory Reporting

Effortlessly breeze through the increasingly demanding calculations put in place by new reporting standards such as IFRS 17 and get straight into your analysis without waiting around.

Ready to see more?

Join us for a free demo and experience the full range of SLOPE’s capabilities.